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Overview for migrating to Weave Hosting

If you are considering moving your web hosting to us, and why wouldn't you? Then this article is for you.


Moving your website files to Weave Hosting depends who your website is currently hosted. Your files are usually in a folder with the name public_html or htdocs.

You must download ALL files from your old website directory and then upload them into your Weave Hosting cPanel account's public_html directory.

For more information about where to upload your files to you can read our article Where do I upload my website files?


If your website uses a database you will need to export (or "dump" to use the technical term) your MySQL databases to a file that you can then download.

Your existing hosting provider's documentation should show you how this is done.

Create a new database in your Weave Hosting cPanel account and import the database.

You can follow our article How to import a database using phpMyAdmin. If your database is very large you can follow the information in the article How to import a large database into MySQL.


Option 1

You can transfer your domain to Weave Hosting (recommended). To find out how to transfer your domain to Weave Hosting read our article on Transferring .uk domains into Weave Hosting and Transferring non .uk domains into Weave Hosting.

Once your domain is transferred you will then be able to set the nameservers to ours. To find out how to update your nameservers read How do I set my domain's nameservers?

Option 2

Leaving your domain where it is and updating the nameservers to use ours (Weave Hosting). This will mean you are paying different companies for web hosting and your domain. If you prefer to pay for everything together we would recommend you transfer your domain to us.

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